Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bonneville Cafe Racer - Loaded Gun ..

If there’s a dominant custom trend today, it’s dark and minimal. Bikes are being stripped of chrome and artifice, and generally look the better for it. But there’s always an exception, and in this case, it’s the “72 Mono Racer” from Loaded Gun Customs.

If the name is familiar to you, it’s probably because Delaware-based LGC have featured in all three series of Café Racer TV. This is their latest build, a pale and interesting cafe racer that started life as a 1972 Bonneville.
 There’s a lot of traditional fabrication going on here—from nickel-plating to CNC machining. Indeed, the only stock parts are the rebuilt engine and core frame. The forks are resprung and valved Yamaha XS650 items, a mono shock takes care of the rear, and the swingarm is from a Ducati. Brakes are modern Beringer six-piston components, matched to lightweight aluminum Sun rims.
 It’s a simple and elegant approach, and reminds me of Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s dictum to “add lightness”. What’s the betting that this Bonneville is a barrel of fun to ride, too?

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